Ca N'Aina

Name House in Villafranca
LocationVillafranca, Mallorca

Aina entrusted us with the renovation and amplification of her recently inherited house in her native town. An old, unfinished building with a back yard on a corner lot in the old town centre of Vilafranca, where she resides with her life partner and son during their sporadic getaways to Mallorca.
A compact, traditional gabled edification with a front and rear half bisected by a load-bearing wall, with exposed masonry and two floors. Two facades face a main street and the yard. And facing the other way, what is practically a blind side wall façade in contrasting height with the yard enclosure.
The overall structure, owing to its current unfinished state with a section of the floor missing, allows for a direct interior and exterior view, its bareness offering a glimpse of its capacity and potential, its facades with their gaps open to the sky. A romantic experience when taken all together. The question is how to go about preserving the inherent value, ambience and urban contours of such an admirable ruin.


Our plan is to implement the programme and bring out the qualities of this venerable structure so that it satisfies the needs of the space and brings its atmosphere to fruition.

The work will consist of:

1 – Consolidating and conditioning the structure and its light with traditional techniques and materials, respecting its unique and unrepeatable qualities.

2 – Introducing the work and the installations in an organised manner, clearly up to date and self-sufficient in respect to the past, focusing on spatial clarity, attaining the visual and circulatory comprehension and continuity of the original spaces.

The amplification consists of the construction of a porch opening on to the yard, on the ground floor, which contains the dining room below the master bedroom, and below the terrace that extends from that top floor bedroom.

Pep Putxé was the local constructor for the project, bringing all of his sensitivity, skill and knowledge to its execution.