Villa Anita

NameVilla Anita
LocationPuerto de Soller


Embedded in the mountain, in front of the sea of Soller, the summer houses were built by previous generations. After the change of ownership, I was entrusted to take on the renovation, and from there it has assumed her personality: female, frugal, sensuous, light, fickle …

She courageously accepted the impertinent proposals that would change everything her family organized, everything was emptied, leaving only the “skin” of the building remained, the structures have been resolved with tranlucid glass, getting open floors between the mountains and the sea.

The inner lining includes efficient installations that adapt to the desired purposes, resolved from the project without accessories.

Without changing the best of the ancient facade, elements have been removed adding others. Colored mortar and a sandy texture contrast with the new steels and glass.