Casal Cultural Puig de Sant Pere

Public Equipment
NameCasal Cultural Puig de Sant Pere
LocationPalma de Mallorca
Project1987 - 1991
PromoterAyuntamiento de Palma


The “PERI” from the ‘Puig de Sant Pere’ (Sant Pere mountain) saved the area from getting demolished and preserved their population before the speculation. All this in the social confrontation of a recently released democracy.

The loosening of the urban structure and the improvement of the road network, through the elimination of obsolete ruins, improved the formation of public areas and buildings.

Among other things, the old tannery that PERI appointed as a social center. This way a competition was opened for its restoration as this, thanks to which we were given the job and in the end we even were allowed to do the renovation of the rest of the blocks that include this building.

The old mud walls that were already missing, limited large areas which reduced the new regime to building between cutting walls turning into thoroughfares.

The project removes all constructions that do not correspond to the main container, releasing the old stockyards and buildings, opening new holes.

This project did not get a licence until we blurred some intentions, that we retook during the construction of the buildings, and thanks to which we have later won the ‘Premio Ciutat de Palma’ price.