House in Son Vida

Dwelling and Landscape
NameHouse in Son Vida
LocationPalma de Mallorca

Industrial and interior design:
Jorge Bibiloni de Oleza
Technical architect:
Jaime Nieto Vallespir
Arquitectura Popular de Mallorca S.L.
Launch Partners:


The walls that close the terrain fold, forming the entrance, to the north, where the level of the street corresponds to the ground floor. These walls cut through the house to create reception areas, leisure and business premises, and carry the first floor, private and family.

The adaption to the topography allowed the direct communication inside-outside of the two storeys, as the passage through the garden between both. The tended spatial continuity, an introverted and protective habitable all.

The building, complementary to the garden, contains the most intimate functions in different volume, which in turn,define among them connected fluid spaces, traversed by the filtered outside (views, lighting, ventilation, etc.)

The project was developed according to the environmentand, as a source of inspiration and performed in the observation of its complexity and the collaboration of everyone involved, produced a precise and reasonable place for daily life, a landscape and unique atmosphere.

The project integrates peripherally technical equipment that captures renewable energy and reduces unsustainable consumption. These, hidden in the ceiling and under the floor, give the necessary comfort, efficient distributed in the complex architectural closures of this biolclimatic construction covered with plaster, stone and wood.