S'hort de Son Verd

Dwelling and Landscape
Name S'hort de Son Verd
LocationPlà de Mallorca, Sencelles


The ‘Pla’, at the foot of Sencelles and beside a stream, successive generations formed in these lands, the orchard which it once was. They extracted the materials to build the fountain, the water mill and the pond from earth. Creativity, tenacity and hard work were necessary to irrigate the same land that fed and sheltered them. Stables, barns, sheds, porches… utilitarian structures, that supplemented themselves well with their timeless qualities, a friendly stage of life.

This humble reality is a great legacy for those who want to inhabit this land, see and feel nature, share its story.

Fleeing from nostalgia and clichés, we rehabilitate this place, contemporary, adapting it to the weather, the seasons and cycles without sacrificing the emotions that it produces in ourselves, its uniqueness, potential space and the built environment, an integrated whole, with an own atmosphere.

We have integrated the latest technologies without prominence, imperceptible, in this haven of calm and protection where to be and feel its rhythm, naturally, without styles, fashions and trends, immersed in a plant mass, feral, protective, tempering climate, adapting to each station, changing…

Preserves form, material, memory…, a collage of tangible and intangible fragments that reveal traces and memories, forces and conflicts, the beauty of the place projected and transformed into the future, of ancient heart: recycling, open, flexible, alive, comfortable, sustainable, a versatile place of opportunity.