The Studio

Contemporary architecture

After overcoming the revolutionary modern ideals, possessed of functionality and internationality, artificial and exceptionally, the break with the traditional and the preexistences, we care more for the quality of life, the ordinary, the normal increased to a different level, in search of references and contexts to ensure the integration of the building at a location.

Practical and especially cultural aspects that it made to understand what aspects of a project can be part of his place without nostalgia, which are the appropriate qualities and interpretations of the corresponding program, important aspects of the project, emphasizing its essence. Architecture as a place, as an atmosphere, as nature. Enjoyed or ignored, present, balanced and beautiful.


In such an open situation like the present, the seriousness and discipline are an intellectual decision, everything is going on within certain limits. The question is to set the right limits.
The project is developed for a specific place, in accordance with the interests of the customer, with a budget and other conditions which determine the restrictions, determining with wisdom and good criterion the boundaries.
Leading energy, talent, ambition and imagination to their proper place. Where we set the maximum emphasis to what we consider most important, giving value to the higher issues. Sort objectives: What is to be achieved?
Establish the operating atmosphere of the project in which it can be properly developed.
A project as a result of a dialogue between the client, the architect and other agents. Open to new forms and combinations of coherent buildings, of continuous dynamics. Singular as a quality, as a language.

New technologies

Increasingly, we have new technologies that the industry provides us to built and renovate buildings.

Depending on the construction budged, we understand that the project has to contain the definition of the demands from the chosen technologies, adequately integrating them, in order to guarantee an optimal living comfort. This technologies have to be efficient, sustainable and perfectible over time. Far away from showing its expression as a architectural lenguage.

The Team

José Garcia-Ruiz Serra

Founding Partner

José Garcia-Ruiz Verd


Awards and Achievements

Premi Ciutat de Palma mejor vivienda rehabilitada 1990

Premi D’Accesibilitat C.I.M “I.E.S Marratxi” 2003

Premi Ciutat de Palma mejor edificio rehabilitado (en colaboración) 1990