Ca s'Hereu

NameCa s'Hereu
LocationSoller, Mallorca


If your work can go further than the simple work as an architect, if the customer wants much more, and entrusts you the bittersweet responsibility of his inheritance and paradise in order to rehabilitate it to inhabit it as a household, in his return to Soller … It is only up to you now to regain the structural stability to eliminate exuberances and clichés, and to rearrange without disguising its agrarian past…

After the reform proposal was accepted by the family, the project was executed and realized over years.

Nowadays Ca S’hereu is still the “possesió” (old majorquin farm) it once was, with its mountains, orange trees, olive trees, ponds, streams … your “casses”: mills, stables, warehouses, basements … and all habitable, as the family has requested for their paradise. To climatise the building we have incorporated the newest and most efficient techiniques, thus, white tones and satin textures have been integrated.

To make this heritage habitable, we knew that some refinements had to be eliminated to expose the antique materials and techniques; this way we got rooms full of life with own colors and textures.

This intersection of contrasts between ancient and modern, is based on the interest of the procedure, which was the lowest possible furnished with items utmost quality and simplicity with projection into the future.